If Pirates of the Caribbean is a must-see attraction on your Magic Kingdom to do list, then Adventureland should be your next port of call. Adventureland is home to Captain Jack Sparrow as well as Aladdin and Jasmine, so there are plenty of recognizable characters for the kids plus a few older favorites for the adults. Adventureland is themed with an accent on the exotic, with jungle safaris, Middle Eastern bazaars, and even a live performance or two from Captain Jack Sparrow (always check the Magic Kingdom schedule for show times on the day of your trip). For those who do venture out to Adventureland, here is what your visit has in store:

Adventureland - Overview:

A Disney Fast Pass is available for the leisurely Jungle Cruise, which takes riders on a tour of the deepest, darkest corners of South America, Africa, and Asia. The Swiss Family Robinson tree house has been recreated in Adventureland, so bring your comfortable hiking shoes for a walk-through tour of the Robinson’s home. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is similar to the Dumbo ride (with magic carpets instead of elephants) and right next to the Aladdin ride is the animatronic Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management attraction.

Adventureland is a classic example of Disney doing what it does best: keeping classic attractions in place while updating existing ones. With discount Disney World tickets and Disney World vacation packages, a trip to Magic Kingdom and the rest of Walt Disney World is just a click away.

The Lands of Magic Kingdom: