Liberty Square

Even in colonial New England, visitors can always find something new and exciting in Walt Disney World’s Liberty Square. In the summer of 2009, Liberty Square added current U.S. president Barack Obama to the Hall of Presidents, and Princess Tiana can be seen throughout Liberty Square in a parade in front of the Liberty Tree Tavern, and behind Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at a character meet and greet. There’s even a New Orleans style musical riverboat celebration to get guests excited about The Princess and the Frog animated feature, which will introduce Tiana to Disney Princess fans everywhere.

Liberty Square:

None of the attractions at Liberty Square are considered wild rides, so this all-ages area is perfect for shopping, dining, and soaking up a little history. The Liberty Tree at the center of Liberty Square is a popular spot for photographs and a pleasant shady resting spot for guests as they make their way around Magic Kingdom in the Florida heat. The Hall of Presidents and The Haunted Mansion are original attractions from Walt Disney World’s opening in 1971, but they have been recently refurbished. Disney excels at updating old rides with just enough modern special effects to attract new audiences, while maintaining enough aspects of the original attraction to appeal to die hard Disney fans.

For visitors who plan to cut through Liberty Square on their way to neighboring Fantasyland or Frontierland, be sure to stop and enjoy the following shops, restaurants and attractions in this historically themed land at Magic Kingdom:

Even in the middle of Florida, Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square makes it possible for visitors to learn a little more about the original thirteen colonies. With discount Disney World tickets and Disney World vacation packages, there is no better time to have the best of both worlds in sunny Orlando.

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