Swim with the Dolphins at Discovery Cove

Imagine yourself in paradise... lying on the beach, swimming surrounded by dolphins and rays, or diving among coral reefs and exotic marine organisms, all as part of your vacation in Orlando, Florida, including also a stray in an exclusive park located next to SeaWorld, Orlando, where admission is by reservation only.

Discovery Cove Packages:

Discovery Cove in Orlando offer visitors the opportunity to: feel the playful strokes of a dolphin, swim and play with it, play hide-and-seek with thousands of tropical fish, swim in a spectacular coral reef, as well as listen to the sounds of more than 300 exotic birds, feed them, or just relax in a hammock on the sandy shore of an enormous resort-style swimming pool.

Divers can live the unique and safe experience of swimming among rays of up to 1.2 meters in diameter. They can also look eye to eye the perilous sharks and voracious barracudas, which are very well safeguarded from visitors by a transparent submarine division.

In a colorful landscape of straw huts, cottages and white sand beaches, Discovery Cove offers a mixture of adventures and unique experiences such as: the central dolphins lagoon, a treacherous river with sunken ruins and caves, a rays lagoon, a coral reef, a diversity of tropical birds, and a large resort style natural-looking swimming pool with cascades. 

Visitors to Discovery Cove are limited, which guarantees a high level of personal attention worthy of the best resorts in the world. Upon arrival, guests register in a very luxurious reception room where a guide awaits to give them a tour and to explain the general activities and features that the park offers.

Admission to Discovery Cove is all-inclusive, including a meal, but excluding beverages and incidental snacks. Visitors have free access to umbrellas, sofas, towels, lockers and swimming and diving equipment.

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